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Meet Our Team

Sandra Long

Senior Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Sandra is the CEO for Achievements Through Coaching based in Santa Ynez, CA. Sandra’s focus is designing and delivering customized leadership programs for managers and executives. Sandra utilizes her knowledge of organizational behavior and business expertise to develop programs tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

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Desiree Musselman

Leadership Coach & Professional Trainer

Desiree has designed full leadership development programs for existing and upcoming leaders on topics such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, team dynamics, and work/life integration.

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Tracey Daniel

Strategic Project Manager

Tracey Daniel joined Laurie Maddalena’s team as Strategic Project Manager in fall 2022. She helps Laurie and our clients by managing the operations of our training programs, creating systems so training is uncomplicated for our students to participate, and supporting clients and students with any logistical or administrative questions while working with Laurie.

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Lisa Stafford

Executive Assistant

Lisa assists with daily operations which encompass a variety of administrative tasks. Some of her personal favorites are helping create documents for Laurie’s Leadership Programs and generating various reports for Emotional Intelligence, DiSC and Myers-Briggs. She updates the company’s finance, accounting, tax systems, accounts receivables and payables.

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Together, we’ll enhance your self-awareness to build confidence in your team and in your own leadership.

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