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Leadership Detox

Habits — they’ll make you or break you. So let’s make you’ve built them in your favor. Through powerful exercises, you’ll detox from those easily overlooked negative behaviors that hold you back so you can bring out the best in yourself, as you bring out the best in your team.


It’s never been more challenging to be a leader than it is in today’s organizations. In this impactful workshop, Laurie will share the most common behaviors and actions that hold leaders back from success. Through some powerful exercises, you will learn how to detox the habits and behaviors from your leadership that don’t serve you, so you can be an exceptional leader who gets the best from your team.

Experience the power of this interactive session and leave inspired to achieve more success in your life and work. You will leave with a leadership plan that will lead you to exceptional results!

Targeted Audience

Suitable for executives, directors, and managers

This leadership detox workshop will help you to rid any negative habits and leave you feeling more energized and focused to bring your best, so you can lead your team during uncertain times.

You will learn:

• The top three habits and behaviors that hold leaders back

• The most important skill for executive and leadership success

• The characteristics of a “modern” leader, and how to operate at an exceptional level

• How to adapt your leadership during constant change

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