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Using StrengthsFinder

Research has proven that employees who understand their own strengths have higher productivity and engagement at work. Using the Gallup StrenghtsFinder assessment tool for this workshop, you will discover your own strengths at work and how they impact your leadership.


This StrengthsFinder workshop is based on the Gallup organization’s over 50 years of research on what creates success.

Each person will complete the StrengthsFinder assessment to discover their top five talents that can be leveraged in their work and as a leader.

Suitable for:

any level leader, emerging leaders, all staff sessions

In this interactive workshop, Laurie will share data from the Gallup organization about the link between understanding strengths and higher performance. She will take participants through several exercises both individually and in teams to deepen the learning.

The workshop reinforces how important it is to understand how your strengths impact those you lead in a productive and unproductive way.

You'll learn how to adapt your style to bring out the best performance in your team.

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