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Emotional Intelligence

Effective leaders know how to manage their emotions in any situation. In this workshop, you’ll first take the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment. You’ll then receive a debrief of results along with personalized steps on how to increase their emotional intelligence to strengthen your skills as a leader.


Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. The most successful leaders have the ability to monitor their own feelings as well as the emotions of others and use this information to guide their thinking and actions. Emotional intelligence has been proven to be a key indicator in human performance and development potential.

Participants in this interactive and engaging workshop will complete the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, the first scientifically validated emotional intelligence tool in the world. Each leader will receive a confidential, personalized report that includes results of their emotional intelligence on 16 elements, a customized and detailed summary of each element with tailored suggestions for improvement, and an action plan and development guide.

Organizations that have used the EQ-1 2.0 with their leadership team have reported increased performance, higher profits, improved customer satisfaction, decreased attrition rates, and a decrease in training costs.

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Suitable for executives, directors, managers, supervisors, and employees being developed for a leadership role

During the workshop, participants will spend the session debriefing the assessment to develop a clear understanding of their current emotional intelligence as well as how they can leverage their strengths and identify areas for development to improve their emotional intelligence over time. You'll discover ways to increase your emotional intelligence in order to strengthen your leadership with others.

Emotional Intelligence is a tool and capability that needs attention in order to deal with stress, yourself, and the many personalities in the workplace.

This workshop is interactive and will provide you with personal feedback and strategies for high-impact leadership.

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